Readings and assignments should be completed before each class session. Instructions for submitting the assignments are on the individual assignment pages.

Date Topic Reading Assignment Class
October 25 (W) Truth, Beauty, and Stories
October 30 (M) Context | Contrast, repetition
November 1 (W) Effective visuals | Alignment, proximity
November 6 (M) Clutter and focus
November 8 (W) Thinking like a designer
November 13 (M) Principles of storytelling and resonating
November 15 (W) Heroes, myths, and journeys I (no class though)
Project 1 due
November 20 (M) Heroes, myths, and journeys II
November 21 (T) Project 2 due
November 22 (W) No class; Thanksgiving break
November 27 (M) Content
November 29 (W) Structure
December 4 (M) Ethics of storytelling with science
Project 3 due
December 6 (W) Delivery I
December 11 (M) Delivery II (no class though)
December 13 (W) Truth, Beauty, and Stories, revisited
December 21 (Th) Final presentations (3:00–6:00 PM)
Story portfolio due (submit online by 3 PM)